Cashmere, WA

An Architect and Designer cherished life living on the lake and that is where science and creativity came together in a 900 square foot garage and a lakefront cabana.

Eleven years ago, a passionate shift, brought together their family, and ignited an enthusiastic journey into the liquor industry. Lake Chelan water was the key; pristine water from the third deepest lake in America - blue - Blue Spirits.

Our water is our inspiration… Lake Chelan is a fifty five mile long geological crevice brimming with pristine water, sometimes over fourteen hundred feet deep, and in places, only a mile wide – originally carved by glaciers. Today, the largest collection of glaciers in the lower forty eight states still exists in the Washington North Cascade Mountains. Winter snow, Spring melt, fills and renews our precious waters each year. An imprint in the pure white snow crystals reveal a deeper blue within… Blue Spirits

Currently we employ 26 extraordinary individuals and occupy a total of 32,000 sq ft between our Production and Tasting Room facilities, and produce a selection of over 32 Spirits, one bottle at a time. We have partnered with Tommy Bahama, Holland America Line, Total Wine and More, and other companies to create private label spirits. We pride ourselves on our numerous awards, collaborations, and community involvement. You can find our products in restaurants and retails locations across Washington state and in 14 other states nationwide.

Our mission is to create an exceptional collection of Spirits that inspire you to “build your bar.”

Sit back, relax, and contemplate civilization’s greatest achievement — the
Cocktail Hour.

We believe in entrepreneurship and are not afraid of failure and take smart risks to create finely crafted spirits. We believe in the integrity of our products, in promoting the quality, its beauty, and serving it responsibly.


Tap Takeover at Harbour Pub

Up To Eleven IPA” reads the newly released cans from Bainbridge Brewing, a special one-off beer celebrating their 11th Anniversary of brewing beer on the island. "Spinal Tap" references aside, the new beer is a statement of the Head Brewer and Co-founder Russell Everett’s personal brewing philosophy. This year’s celebratory brew is a strong Double IPA in the experimental Cold IPA style. Using lager yeast fermented warmer than usual, a clean and simple malt bill allows no room for error, and features a new wonderfully tropical and aromatic hops, one which doesn’t even have a name yet. “We’ve been doing a lot of work with Cold IPAs this last year and are just loving what the technique produces,” said Everett, “I thought we should put that all together in one great beer and show what we’ve learned.” This is emblematic of Everett’s brewing ethos, “Continuous Improvement. We can always make it just that little bit better!”

His first homebrewed beer, in 2001 while an undergraduate at the University of Washington, wasn’t particularly promising. “It was awful beyond reason,"said Everett. But he purchased better equipment, studied up on the process, and the following batches soon passed the taste test. For


the next several years he brewed for friends and family, finally landing his first professional brewing job in 2006. He then made a switch from brewing to law school where, appropriately enough, he focused on Alcohol Beverage law.

Opening in 2012 in the Coppertop business park, the business is a family affair. After graduating from law school and passing the Washington Bar, but finding the legal job market still reeling from the Great Recession, Everett decided that he had two skills, “I thought, I can practice law, and I can brew beer...

Well, let’s brew some beer!” In 2011 he partnered with his father, island-resident Charles Everett, tapping into his experience and know-how to work on their business plan. And so, thirteen years after graduating from BainbridgeHigh School, he moved back to the island to start the brewery.

Since that time he and Charles have been brewing beers specially tailored for the island. “I like that we get first-hand feedback directly from our customers. The beers that sell well on Bainbridge, that the people who live here really want to drink, aren’t necessarily the exact same sorts of beers brewed in Seattle or


Friday Slurpy

Back By Slurpy Demand!

During Oyster season, from October to April and sometimes longer, join the Pub from 4-7 PM on most Friday nights where we’ll be knocking back fresh shucked oysters at the bar. Featuring farmed oysters from Baywater Shellfish, from Hood Canal, you can chow down on the merroir of our own Salish Sea. Usually harvested the day of, the little bivalves are shucked to order and super briny.

Bainbridge Beer Cont.

even at the breweries in Poulsbo. We can tailor things to our own tastes.” said Everett, “I like to think our beers represent Bainbridge Island to the greater beer world.”

Working with local businesses and charities has been one of the highlights of brewery ownership for the duo. For example, since the brewery opened, Bainbridge beers have regularly been on tap at the Harbour Public House, and Bainbridge Brewing brews a special cask-conditioned version of its bestselling Eagle Harbor IPA just for them. “The Pub’s the only place you can get it, anywhere, and it’s just lovely!” said Everett. Similarly, in appreciation of its longstanding commitment to local craft beer, in 2021 Bainbridge Brewing created a special beer celebrating the Harbour Public House’s 30th Anniversary. The brewery also regularly supports local fundraisers, supplies charity events, and Bainbridge beer has become an integral part of the annual Beer Gardens of the Third of July Street Dance and the Chamber of Commerce’s Grand Old Fourth celebrations.

Going into its second decade the brewery looks forward to having fun, brewing great beers and continuing to hold a place in island life. Said Everett, “A hundred-fifty years ago, before the era of big mass market lagers, every town had a small brewery that provided for it. Much like the butcher, the baker, and so on. Over the last decade craft brewing has brought that back. Nationally there are more breweries now than there have ever been. We’re not here to become the next Budweiser, we’re here to brew Bainbridge Beer for Bainbridge."


Introducing Kitsap Fresh
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est. 1991

est. 1982

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The Harbour Public House opened on December 27th, 1991 as the first non-smoking tavern in the Seattle area.

The Grow Family Homestead
Still stands today as home to
Harbour Public House

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